Furnace Repair: 3 Signs The Flame Sensor Is Faulty

While the flame sensor is a small furnace component, it plays a huge role in keeping your home safe. It detects when there's a flame in the combustion chamber and signals the unit to keep cycling as long as the flame keeps burning. However, when the flame goes off, it forces your unit to shut down, preventing any gas leaks.

You should schedule routine heating system inspections and allow furnace repair services to keep the components in top condition to prevent the furnace gas from leaking into your indoor spaces. Keep reading to learn three signs of a faulty flame sense that furnace repair services look for.

Yellow Flames

The most obvious sign of a faulty sensor is yellow flames. Usually, the burner flame should be blue and steady, and when it turns yellow, the sensor should shut down the furnace. So if the heating keeps cycling despite the unusual flame, it's an obvious sign that the component is faulty.

This is bad for your home because a yellow flame is an indication of insufficient combustion due to the slow dispersion of carbon monoxide out of the unit. And if this goes on over an extended period, some of the accumulated carbon monoxide gas could leak into your indoor spaces.

And being an odorless, colorless gas, and poisonous gas, carbon monoxide leaking into your home poses a potential safety hazard at your residence. To restore safety at your residence, the furnace technician will fix your flame sensor and clear out any clogs preventing carbon monoxide from escaping outside.

Rusted Flue Lines

Another indication of sensor malfunction that your furnace repair technician looks for is rusted flue lines. While this is primarily a result of ineffective venting, it going unnoticed is an indication that the sensor is faulty. The flue system is responsible for expelling carbon monoxide out of your furnace, and it only sustains rust when there's a leak. That's why aside from repairing the sensor, your furnace technician will also restore the flue lines to proper function.

High Utility Bills

If your monthly energy consumption suddenly spikes, it's an indication that your heating unit is working harder than it should. Usually, the first thing furnace repair services check is the filter screen. If it's in excellent condition, then the next step is to inspect the flame sensor. If it's faulty, then it prevents your unit from operating at its fullest potential, forcing the furnace to consume more energy to keep up with your home's heating needs. Your technician will restore it to proper function, allowing your furnace to consume less energy during operation.

Now that you know the crucial role the flame sensor plays, don't hesitate to commission routine heating system inspections and allow your furnace repair technician to keep it in top condition.

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