Ways Of Maintaining The Efficiency Of Your AC Unit

A functional AC is so vital when the heat is prevalent during summer that increased AC use during this season can amount to half of your utility expenses. However, if you fail to service your unit, you will likely experience hefty energy bills that do not correlate with the system's use. Besides increasing your bills, an inefficient unit runs in overdrive, making the AC vulnerable to breakdowns. Therefore, it is advisable to contact an AC service professional to optimize your unit and facilitate energy efficiency. Below are some ways of maintaining the efficiency of your AC:

Seal The Ducts

Your ducts allow cool air to travel from the AC to your house via vents. However, the ducts are metallic and hence, can lose energy to the unconditioned spaces if not well insulated. Thus, you should engage an AC service contractor to seal the ductwork. They will likely use mastic instead of duct tape to insulate the ducts because it is more durable. In addition, they will ensure a well-sealed vapor barrier on the insulation to prevent moisture condensation.

Change Your AC Filter

Air filters trap dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen, and other airborne particulates. Over time, the filters can clog with pollutants that restrict airflow. This results in the system working harder to draw in sufficient air for cooling. Consequently, your system will consume more energy. On the other hand, dust and dirt can bypass clogged filters and collect on the evaporator coil. The resulting dust accumulation may insulate the coil, impeding heat transfer. This leads to additional strain on the coil to facilitate heat exchange. Therefore, you need to hire an AC technician to change your filters regularly for proper airflow in the system.

Avoid Placing the Thermostat Near Heat-Emitting Appliances

A thermostat displays the current room temperature, allowing you to adjust it to the desired set point. However, if you place your thermostat near heat-producing appliances, it is likely to detect temperatures inaccurately. As a result, the thermostat may send erroneous signals to the system, making it run in overdrive to cool your home adequately. Thus, engaging an AC contractor to help position the thermostat for accurate temperature detection is crucial.

Clear Up Around the Outdoor Unit

The condenser unit's location makes it vulnerable to debris infiltration. This debris can obstruct the condenser over time, preventing it from expelling heat. This causes the system to run constantly, to release as much heat as possible. As such, you should contact an AC service technician to raise the condenser if needed and give it adequate clearance from the reach of outdoor elements. Moreover, they will likely install a shade to ensure proper ventilation.

A well-serviced air conditioner will deliver effective, cost-efficient performance. Thus, it is essential that you hire an AC repair service expert to maintain your unit for maximum energy efficiency. 

For more information about air conditioners, contact a local company. 

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