Furnaces: Should The Pilot Light's Flame Glow Yellow?

If the flame on your furnace's pilot light glows yellow, stop and take action fast. Your pilot light's flame should be steady and blue. A flame that turns yellow can indicate a problem with your furnace or its fuel. Learn why your pilot light's flame should never turn yellow and what you should do about it below.

What Color Should the Flame Be?

Your furnace's pilot, or igniter, receives its fuel directly from the natural gas line in your home. Once you light the pilot, it should create a steady blue flame with a small yellow tip. In order for the flame, or pilot light, to remain steady and blue, the pilot must receive the right amount of fuel from the gas line. If the pilot doesn't receive enough fuel from the gas line, it will create a weak yellow flame.

A few things can prevent a pilot from receiving enough fuel, including clogs. The pilot contains a thin tube inside it. The tube receives fuel directly from the gas line. Smut, dust, and other debris can block the tube and limit how much fuel travels through it. 

You can clean the pilot tube to see if it solves your heating problems. If your pilot still doesn't create a steady blue flame after you clean it, contact a heating repair contractor soon. 

How Can an HVAC Contractor Help?

A contractor will most likely complete a diagnostic test on your furnace and gas line before they move forward with the repairs. A pilot can also create a yellow flame if the gas line in your home is clogged, damaged, or twisted. The line won't receive enough fuel into your home to ignite your pilot or furnace. 

If the gas line is the reason behind the yellow pilot light, a contractor will take care of it immediately. A contractor will need to shut off your gas supply before they repair the line. After they repair the line, a contractor will return fuel to your home.

If the gas line isn't behind the yellow pilot light, a contractor will check the pilot for problems you didn't find when you cleaned it. Natural gas can escape the tube if it becomes too old or broken. A new tube should allow gas to enter the pilot properly.

You can learn more about the yellow flame in your furnace by contacting a company such as Steele Brothers Heating Inc. today.

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