Air Conditioner Repairs: When Should You Repair Your Air Ducts?

One of the most common AC repairs involves air ducts. These HVAC components are crucial for circulating air throughout your home. Here are telltale signs that you should repair your air ducts.

Poor Airflow from Your HVAC System 

Poor airflow arises because of several reasons. First, it can be caused by cracks in your ducting or broken seals. As a result, less air passes to the air vent; therefore, less air is circulated.

Another reason for poor airflow is insufficient-return air vents. When the air vents aren't enough, air will not be re-circulated.

The other reason your AC has low airflow is if ducts are crushed or disconnected. Air leaks out if ducts are wrongly installed. Other factors include undersized or oversized ducts. In any case, if you experience poor airflow, consult an HVAC technician for ductwork repairs.

Inadequate Insulation

The main role of ductwork is to transport air at the required temperature. These ducts pump hot air in winter and cold air during summer.

If ductwork is improperly insulated, the air will not retain its temperature. Remember, even properly installed duct insulation deteriorates because of infestations and other issues. Therefore, it's crucial that you change the insulation on a regular basis.

A Moldy or Musty Odor

If you notice a persistent moldy or musty smell in your home, the main culprit is your air ducts. This issue is intense during hot days when your air conditioner is overly active.

When cool air passes through air ducts, it causes condensation that feeds the growth of mildew or mold in the system. Another sign of the presence of mold is a lot of dust. If you notice any of these signs, have your ducts cleaned before the contaminants spread throughout the air conditioner system.

Frequent Filter Changes

AC filters should last for a few months. During peak usage, you should change them after a few weeks. However, if you have pests, dander, and dusters in your system, they will clog up quicker. In this case, you might need to replace them sooner.

If you change your filters regularly and notice they are clogging up faster than usual, you should look at your air ducts. If excess dust and dirt are getting into your ductwork, this could lead to frequent filter changes. In this case, your HVAC technician will clean your ductwork or perform any other necessary repairs to rectify the problem.

The ductwork in your air conditioner is similar to the blood vessels in the human body. Faulty ductwork compromises the functions of your HVAC system. Other signs that you should repair your ductwork include:

  • A sudden increase in your electricity bills
  • Weird sounds in your system
  • Signs of pest infestation

If you notice any of these signs, contact an air conditioning repair service.

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