How To Ensure Your Air Conditioning Installation Goes Well

Installing a brand new air conditioning unit can provide you with greater comfort than your previous unit. Besides, it's always good to upgrade to models with advanced technology and better features. 

However, you have to ensure that the air conditioning installation is done correctly. Otherwise, you will always have problems with the unit, and it won't cool your space efficiently. Luckily, this post has some tips that can help ensure your air conditioning installation is successful. 

Hire an AC Pro

Most air conditioning installation mistakes happen when you take the DIY approach. So, if you aren't an HVAC expert, avoid executing the installation altogether. Your best option is to hire an AC technician or contractor to handle the installation. 

Professionals will ensure the unit has enough refrigerant and the correct pressure as well. Moreover, the technician will make sure the unit is secured firmly to the wall. That said, mistakes are less likely to happen when you trust a professional with the installation process.

Choose the Right Size

Most homeowners assume that purchasing a large air conditioning unit is the right thing to do. The thing is, if the unit is too large for your home, it will hinder proper cooling. Unfortunately, it is difficult for homeowners to determine the perfect air conditioner size without the help of an expert. 

With that in mind, consult with an AC expert when sizing an AC unit. Remember to consider the number of occupants, climate, number of windows and doors, and the insulation grade when sizing the unit.

Mount the Unit in the Right Place

For an air conditioner to perform efficiently, it has to be installed in the right place. For starters, you should avoid placing the unit in hidden places such as behind the couches or near plants. Placing an AC unit in a hidden place can mess with ventilation. That's why you are advised to clear any vegetation that is around the outdoor unit.

Secondly, you should refrain from placing the units in the hottest parts of your house and yard. Doing so means that the unit will need to work hard to keep the house cool.

Inspect the Existing Ductwork

Air conditioning units rely on ductwork to deliver clean, cool air throughout your home. Unfortunately, your ductwork will become dirty or even develop leaks with time. You need to have your ductwork inspected and maintained before you install a new air conditioning unit. The AC technician will conduct the necessary repairs and clean the ductwork to ensure the new unit functions efficiently. 

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