3 HVAC Services You May Need

Do you own an HVAC unit? HVAC systems are useful in maintaining a desirable indoor air quality level and offering ventilation around the home. However, HVAC units may need services from time to time. The three main HVAC services you might need include the following.


This involves connecting an HVAC system in your home or replacing an old unit with a new one. Due to the extensive durability of HVAC units, you won't need installations very often unless you poorly maintain your unit.

Besides connecting the system, the installation includes installing ductwork, piping, tubing, and electrical connections. After installation, the company will test the unit's performance to ensure all controls are optimally functioning. They will also check to ensure there are no leaks within the unit or connections, especially ductwork.

You should consider installation if:

  • Your home doesn't have an HVAC unit
  • The current system in your home is old
  • You need frequent repairs
  • The energy bills are exceedingly high
  • There is extensive wire damage
  • The HVAC unit isn't meeting the heating or cooling needs of the house
  • Indoor air quality has been deteriorating

Preventive Maintenance

After the installation of a new HVAC unit, your technician will recommend scheduling preventive maintenance. Maintenance should be done at least every year, and if possible, twice: once before winter and once before summer.

Preventive maintenance helps increase the efficiency of the system and lowers energy bills. It also helps avoid expensive repairs and keeps all unit components in check, increasing its durability.

There are different services included in maintenance like air filter changes, thermostat calibration, and coolant replacements. Always schedule your maintenance even when your unit is functioning well.

Unit Repairs

An HVAC unit is made up of numerous moving components that are in constant use. Therefore, these parts are subject to wear and tear and other issues like dust settling, rat nests, and loose parts over time.

When you notice your unit is becoming less efficient or is producing loud noises when running, it could be time to consider HVAC repair services. You should always contact a skilled and knowledgeable technician to handle HVAC repairs to prevent further damage to your unit.

To avoid seeking frequent repairs, always follow through with your maintenance schedule. During maintenance, the technician can identify underlying problems before they become severe and deal with them.

You should seek repairs if:

  • The unit produces loud noises when running
  • You notice the thermostat is malfunctioning
  • There are strange odors when turning the system on
  • The unit doesn't supply enough hot or cold air

For more information, contact an HVAC service in your area.

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