3 Warning Signs That Your Furnace May Be In Need Of Repair

The ability to react quickly to minor issues with your home heating system can make a world of difference when it comes to avoiding a system failure and the expensive repair bills that come along with it. This is why it is so important that you are able to spot the warning signs that all is not quite right with your furnace. Below you will learn more about three of the warning signs that you should be on the lookout for. If you experience any of these issues in your home, the time has come to call on your local furnace repair professional.

Your Pilot Light Is Going Out On A Frequent Basis

While it may be necessary to relight the pilot light on your furnace on a rare occasion, this is certainly not a task which you should be completing frequently. This is because a well-functioning furnace will be able to maintain the correct flow of air and fuel to keep the pilot light lit for extended periods of time. If you have had to relight your pilot light multiple times in a single heating season, this could be a sign that your furnace is in need of repair. While relighting the pilot will get your furnace back up and running in the short term, it is important to seek out professional repairs in order to correct this issue for the long term and prevent it from resulting in additional damage to your heating system. 

Your Furnace Is Not Heating Your Home Evenly

If you notice that while the heating vents in your bedroom are producing a strong flow of hot air, the vents in your living room are providing an inadequate amount of heat, this can be a sign that your heating system is in need of repair or maintenance. This type of uneven heat distribution often is the result of a clog or air leak in the ducts leading from your furnace to your vents. Not only can addressing this issue quickly help your furnace to function more efficiently, but it can also help to greatly improve the level of comfort you are able to enjoy in every room of your home. 

Your Energy Bills Suddenly Spike

While you should expect to see a slight increase in your home's energy bills as you once again begin using your home heating system, this change in energy consumption should even out rather quickly. If your energy bills suddenly spike, this can be a good indication that you are in need of furnace repair. This is because when your furnace is not working properly, your furnace will need to work harder to maintain the desired temperature in your home. This ultimately causes your furnace to consume more energy and results in the higher bills you are seeing. 

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