Cleaning Your AC Is An Important Part Of Residential Cooling Maintenance

When you have annual maintenance done on your air conditioner, the service technician does a variety of preventative maintenance tasks, and one of the most important is cleaning your AC. Cleaning the air conditioner may seem like a minor thing, but clean equipment is essential for avoiding breakdowns. Here are some important parts in your cooling system that need to be kept clean and what might happen if they get too dusty or dirty.

The Condenser Fins

The condenser fins are on the outside of the condenser, and they make up the backside of the condenser coils. The fins allow air circulation so the condenser can cool down. Sometimes, the fins get blocked with grass clippings, leaves, or dirt. When this happens, air can't circulate, and heat can build up inside the condenser and cause problems.

If the condenser coils can't cool down, your AC won't be able to keep your house as cool as you like. Parts in the condenser might overheat and be damaged. Some parts in the condenser are expensive to repair or replace, so keeping the fins clean and straight is an important part of cooling system maintenance.

The Refrigerant Coils

There are two sets of refrigerant coils in a central AC system. One set is outdoors, in the condenser, and can get coated with dust, leaf debris, dirt, pollen, and other outdoor debris blowing in the air. The other set is indoors, in the air handler, and it collects dust from indoors. The dust mixes with condensation that keeps the coils damp, and this creates grime that clings to the coils.

When either set of coils gets dirty, the refrigerant housed in the coils can't cool your house as well. Your AC could run for longer and drive up your power bill. Your AC might even overheat and shut down. It's even possible for the coils to form ice when they get dirty, and this can cause your AC to stop working.

The Blower Fan

The blower is another essential part of an air conditioner that has to be kept clean so that it works properly. The blower in an AC looks like a squirrel cage made of blades. Dust collects on the blades and eventually blocks airflow. Proper airflow is essential for an air conditioner to work properly. Your AC might have weak flow coming from the registers when the blower is dirty. Your AC might overheat or run too long. The AC might even short cycle and eventually shut down until the blower is cleaned.

These problems with a dirty AC can be prevented with annual residential cooling maintenance that keeps the inside of your air conditioner clean and functioning properly. In addition to annual service from an AC maintenance company, you'll also want to change the filter in your air conditioner on a regular schedule because the filter keeps dust out of the air handler and helps your AC stay clean between service calls from the maintenance company.

To learn more, contact a residential cooling maintenance company.

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