The Summer HVAC Maintenance Guide To Energy Efficiency With Service And Improvements To Lower Cooling Costs

If you have an older air conditioner, the energy costs to cool your home may seem to get more expensive every summer. Part of the problem is the old AC design, and the other half of the problem may be a lack of service when it is needed. Therefore, you want to make sure your AC gets the right servicing, and updates are done to ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible. The following HVAC guide to energy efficiency and service maintenance will help you lower your energy costs during the hottest days of summer:

Cleaning The Ducts And Updating The Ductwork When Doing Repairs For Improved Efficiency

One of the first things that you may want to do before summer is to clean the ductwork, which will ensure the AC is working efficiently. Cleaning the ducts will ensure that there are fewer allergens in your home this summer, but they also may need repairs. If repairs are needed, updating, and improving the ductwork can help reduce energy loss when your AC is working hard to keep your home cool.

Servicing The AC Condensation Unit And Improvements To Protect It From Damage Due To Weather and Debris

The AC condensing unit also needs to be serviced before the summer weather. This should start with cleaning it and making sure all the components are free of dust to prevent summer freezing problems that can damage the air conditioner. In addition, you may want to consider improvements around the AC, such as an enclosure to protect it from weather and debris and improve the energy efficiency of the air conditioner.

Thermostat Batteries and Upgrades For More Efficient Programmable Models That Improve Energy Efficiency

The thermostat batteries of your HVAC need to be checked seasonally before using your heating and cooling. This is something that you will want to do before the summer heat, but you may want to consider updating the thermostat. Today, the modern thermostats that are available can also be smart and record settings overtime for more efficient HVAC that adapts to your needs to maximize efficiency and comfort.

DIY Household Energy Audit To Stop Air Leaks, Improve Thermal Transfer And Keep Cool Air In Your Home

Lastly, there are also problems with air leaks and energy loss that need to be dealt with before the summer. Just like there are cold drafts during the winter months, warm air can get inside your home during the summer months and cause the AC to use more energy to keep your home cool. Therefore, you will want to do an energy audit to address the issues with air leaks and energy loss.

The HVAC service maintenance and energy-efficient improvements can help you lower your summer cooling costs. If you need help with maintenance and improvements, contact an HVAC service like for help with this work to ensure your AC is working efficiently without any problems this summer.

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