What To Do If Your Walk In Cooler Starts Warming Up

Refrigeration is critical for businesses that serve food or keep large quantities of food products on hand. If you have a walk-in refrigerator or cooler and the temperature suddenly starts to rise inside, you need to deal with the problem quickly, or all the food inside the cooler could spoil. 

Call a Refrigeration Company

As soon as you notice a problem with the walk-in cooler, you need to call a refrigeration company and have them come and look at the cooler. Several things can cause the temperature to rise inside your refrigerator, and the technician will check them one by one until the problem is found. 

Many times the problem is not difficult to fix, but if you let it go, the cost of lost product inside the cooler can add up very quickly. If the cooler is not running, leave it closed until the tech arrives. This will keep as much of the cold air inside the cooler for as long as possible. 

Common Problems

Some of the more common problems with your walk-in can go back to the maintenance of the unit throughout the year. If you have not had the refrigerator serviced regularly, there are things that can result in problems that you might not realize are even happening. 

Dust and dirt can be a huge problem, and if the condenser unit is clogged with dust, the air can not circulate through the cooling fins, and the condenser will not work correctly. Over time this can result in the temperature in the system rising, and the compressor may not be able to move the refrigerant effectively through the system. 

Another common problem is a compressor that is worn and not producing the amount of system pressure required for the refrigerant to work correctly. The tech will measure the pressure in the system and determine if there is an issue with the compressor or a leak somewhere in the system that is allowing the refrigerant to slowly dissipate in the system. 

Basic Maintenance 

One of the best ways to keep your refrigeration equipment working properly is to have a refrigeration tech come and service the cooler or other equipment regularly. Set up a schedule with your refrigeration company that works for you and is often enough for them to keep the equipment running and find issues early so that you do not run into a problem with the cooler or other equipment failing when you need it most. 

For more information, contact a refrigeration service.

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