Changes Your HVAC Installer Can Make When Installing A New Furnace

Has the time come to replace your furnace? The simplest approach is to have a contractor simply remove the current furnace and put a new one in its place. If you're happy with the way your heating system is currently operating, that might in fact be the right approach for you. However, in many cases, there are other updates your installer can make prior to installing the furnace. These updates can improve energy efficiency, make your home more comfortable, and make your system easier to use. What are those updates? Take a look.

Move the thermostat.

You may never have thought about where your thermostat is located; you're just used to it being there. But if it is near a vent or a window, you might want to have your HVAC installer move it during your furnace installation. You will get a more accurate reading with it on an interior wall. This will allow you to save energy, and it will mean the temperature reading on your thermostat really is the temperature in your house — which is not always true when the thermostat is near a vent or window. 

Add duct boosters.

Do you have some vents that seem to get little airflow? Your HVAC installer might be able to adjust the fan speed on your new furnace to increase the airflow through the system in general. However, if some rooms still do not get enough air, they can install a duct booster in the duct leading to those vents. The duct booster is basically a cylindrical fan that speeds up the airflow through the ducts, bringing more warmth into the rooms that usually feel chilly.

Move the exhaust vent.

Are you happy with where the furnace vents out the side of your home? Maybe the PVC duct gets in the way of your patio, garden bed, or other space. Your furnace installer can pretty easily move the vent. They'll just patch up the old hole and create a new one, venting the furnace in a new location. You might have to have someone put some siding over the old, patched-up vent hole, but this is not a major endeavor.

If you are having your furnace replaced anyway, you might as well have the installer make some other improvements to your system while they are there. Talk to them about the changes above and about others that they might recommend.

To learn more, contact a heating installation contractor.

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