AC Issues That Should Be Looked At By An HVAC Repair Technician

Air conditioners are important appliances today for homeowners, but unfortunately, they can experience a bevy of issues. If any of the following has occurred with your HVAC system, contact an HVAC repair technician. 

Leak in the Coolant Lines

Coolant is a vital resource for your air conditioner because without it, you wouldn't be able to get cold air inside your home. Any time you suspect this coolant is leaking from the lines, be sure to hire an HVAC repair technician.

They are the only party that can quickly identify the source of the leak, which is made possible thanks to their special dye. Once it's sent through the lines, it will come out where there is a structural issue. The technician can identify this dye using a UV light. In no time, they'll pinpoint the source of the leak and then patch it up completely. 

Blockage in the Ducts

If you don't change out the air filter in your home, dirt and debris can build up in the ducts. If this happens too much, blockages could occur that then restrict the airflow coming from your AC unit.

In this situation, it's best to hire an HVAC repair technician. They can remove blockages that have occurred in the ducts by using a special vacuum. Its unique design lets them get inside your ductwork in a safe, effective manner. Once they're finished, they'll test the airflow again to make sure you're getting the right amounts of cool air. 

Damaged Drain Pan

The drain pan plays an important role in collecting excess water created by your air conditioning unit. Any time this pan gets damaged, you should hire an HVAC repair technician right away. They'll inspect this pan to see if it can be salvaged with a repair. 

If it can't be patched over, they can replace the pan before water starts leaking out and causes costly damage. The repair contractor will set up a high-quality drain pan that's designed to last for a long time. This way, you don't have to replace this component on a regular basis and waste money.

Unfortunately, AC units will not work perfectly forever. They will sometimes malfunction throughout the year, but when yours does, you can hire an HVAC repair technician. They deal with all sorts of repairs on a daily basis, and this experience will help them troubleshoot your malfunctioning AC unit quickly and safely. 

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