Repair Or Replace: Lesser-Known Factors That Are Looked At When Determining What To Do With Your Air Conditioning System

If your air conditioning unit develops a problem, most people are well aware that an air conditioning repair company is going to look at the age of your AC unit and the cost to repair versus the cost to replace when determining whether to recommend air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement to you. However, these are not the only two factors that are looked at. Here are a few of the lesser-known factors that are looked at when determining what you should do with a broken or malfunctioning air conditioning unit. 

The Ability to Get Replacement Parts

One of the factors that an AC repairman will look at when determining whether to recommend you repair or replace your damaged air conditioning unit is their ability to get replacement parts for the unit. The older your unit is, typically, the harder it is to get parts for the unit. The manufacturer does not make replacement parts for every make and model of unit that they ever produced. After awhile, they stop producing parts, and they get harder to find. If your parts are hard to come by, it may be better to replace your unit. 

The Type of Refrigerant Your Cooling System Uses

In 2020, R-22, also called Freon, can no longer be imported into the United States. If you have a unit that uses this type of refrigerant, an AC repair company will likely recommend you replace the unit rather than sinking money in for repairs. Once your unit runs out of Freon, it will need to be replaced anyways, so it does not make much sense to sink money into repairing this type of unit. 

The Energy Efficiency of Your Cooling Unit

Lastly, an AC repair company will look at the energy efficiency of your cooling unit. If your unit is not energy-efficient, replacing it with a more efficient unit may help you to save money and help the environment. A professional can test the efficiency of your unit and help you compare it to newer, more efficient models. 

When your air conditioning unit is not working correctly, you will contact an AC repair company to take a look at your unit and determine whether it can be repaired and whether it is best to repair or replace the unit. By paying close attention to each of these factors, as well as taking into account the age of the unit and the cost to repair versus replace, a professional can come up with a professional opinion as to which may be the best option for your air conditioning unit. 

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