Top Reasons To Purchase An Air Conditioning Service Agreement

Air conditioning units work long and hard over the hot summer months. One of the best ways to ensure that your home's air conditioning unit is ready for summer is by scheduling regular inspections and having it properly maintained. Staying on top of air conditioning maintenance is not a DIY job—it is best to have your A/C unit inspected and maintained by an experienced HVAC professional. If you're serious about keeping your air conditioning in great condition, you may want to seriously consider purchasing an air conditioning maintenance agreement from a reputable HVAC company. There are a number of benefits of having an air conditioning maintenance agreement, such as the following.

Keep Warranties Valid

Purchasing a new air conditioning unit is very expensive, so if you have a newer air conditioner that is still under warranty you will want to do whatever you can to keep the warranty valid. A warranty gives your valuable financial protection so you don't have to pay out of pocket in the event that your air conditioner needs expensive repairs or needs to be replaced. Most air conditioning warranty terms state that the A/C unit must be properly maintained in order to keep the warranty valid. When you have an air conditioning service agreement, your air conditioner will always be properly serviced and maintained on time, and you will have documentation of the fact on hand, if you ever need it.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioner

Since purchasing a new air conditioning unit costs a lot of money, most homeowners want to get as much use out of their current A/C as possible. Having an air conditioning service agreement in place ensures that your air conditioner receives all of the care and maintenance that it needs. When an air conditioning system is properly maintained, it is more likely to last years longer than an A/C unit that is neglected and not cared for. In addition to lasting longer, having a service agreement that provides regular maintenance will lower the risk of your air conditioning unit needing unexpected and costly repairs. 

Faster Service

Most HVAC companies who offer air conditioning maintenance agreements include priority service as part of the contract. Thus, if you ever need a repair or want to have your air conditioner looked at because it is not running like it should, you won't have to wait long for an appointment. Many HVAC companies will also waive trip fees or after hour charges for customers who have an A/C service agreement in place. 

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