Things To Choose And Do To Prepare For Your New Central Air Conditioner Installation

Central air conditioning is a vast improvement over using window AC units. When you have central air, you can control the climate in your home with more precision so you stay comfortable. Plus, you'll be able to get rid of the units that block your windows. If you already have ducts for your furnace and they're suitable for your AC, then installing central air is an even easier choice. Here are some tips for getting ready for your new AC.

Have The Ducts Cleaned

The HVAC technician will assess your ducts to make sure they're the right size for an air conditioner or if you need to buy new ones. If your old ducts are the right size, then have them checked to make sure there are no leaks. Make repairs if needed so no cool air is wasted by leaking into the attic. This is also a good time to think about having the ducts cleaned. If the ducts are old, they may have dust or mouse droppings in them. Cleaning them out will improve the quality of air that's circulated by your AC.

Prepare An Outdoor Pad

The condenser needs a concrete pad to rest on. This should be installed and allowed time to harden before the air conditioner installation begins. Decide where you'll put the pad first. The HVAC professional can help you decide when he or she assesses your home for your new air conditioning unit. You should avoid placing the pad against the wall of your bedroom or the AC might keep you awake at night. Finding a place in the shade is good so the unit isn't exposed to full sun every day. Once the pad is in place, create a border of gravel around it so weeds won't grow too close.

Upgrade The Thermostat

When you have central air conditioning added to your home, it's a convenient time to upgrade your old furnace thermostat. A programmable model can save money by allowing you to adjust the temperature when you're sleeping or away during the day. You may even want a smart thermostat that you can control remotely and that monitors your energy use.

Decide On The Size

Your air conditioner dealer will help you choose the right size AC for your home. You might think one that's a little larger for your home would be a good way to ensure you stay cool, but an AC that's too big won't work efficiently. Instead, the HVAC technician calculates the best size based on a number of factors. You also have options to consider when it comes to features and add-ons. Plus, you can even choose the degree of energy efficiency you want. If you need to control your budget, a basic air conditioner can meet your needs. If your budget allows, you could opt for a zoned air conditioner or one with maximum efficiency and a variable speed air handler for improved climate comfort.

To learn more, reach out to air conditioning installation services in your area.

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