3 Reasons Your AC May Be Struggling

Does it feel as though your air conditioner just isn't keeping your home cool enough? Although sometimes the fault is with the AC, just as often there's another issue that is causing your AC to overwork and cool poorly. Everyone knows that the filters need to be changed regularly for an AC to work properly, but that isn't the only concern. Before replacing it, make sure you aren't making one of the following mistakes.

1. Overheating the home

Letting in too much sunlight is a sure way to heat up your home and force your AC to work harder to keep every room cool. If you have a room with lots of windows and full sun exposure, especially if the windows are poorly insulated, you may be letting in more heat than an air conditioner can reasonably handle. You have a few options to counteract this problem. 

The simplest is to install sun reflect shades or at least shut the curtain when the sun is hitting the windows. If you prefer natural light, then install canopies over the windows to provide some shade or use light-colored sheers to allow light in while reflecting heat. Another option that works well if you are already planning to get new windows is to choose glass that reflects UV rays.

2. Shutting vents

It's a common belief that shutting registers in rooms that aren't in use will save energy. That isn't always the case. Your AC unit was likely sized to fit your home. When you close registers, you also mess up with intake of air by the system. The result is poor recirculation of cool air in the home, which also over works your AC unit. Another issue is that even with the door closed, hot air will leak out of the closed off rooms since interior doors are rarely well sealed against heat and cold loss. So although you may not be directly cooling a room, your AC is still working to cool the same heat mass in the home but with less registers at its disposal.

3. System leaks

System leaks result in cold air never making it into your home. Your AC may be working well, but you can't feel it. This is caused by leaks in the ductwork or loose ducts that have come unconnected. You can do a quick check if most of your ducts are exposed in the basement or attic. While there should be a few built-in vents in the duct system, there shouldn't be disconnected ducts or large gaps where they aren't joined together properly. A length of HVAC foil tape can fix these issues. If you can't access your ducts, an AC company can use a camera to check the system for leaks that require repair.

If your AC continues to struggle, contact a service to inquire about a new air conditioning installation. For more information, contact a company like Dale and Lee's Service Inc.

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