4 Easy Ways To Improve Heating And Air Conditioning Inside Your Home

If you've noticed your heating and cooling bills are on the rise, and you don't know why, there could be many explanations. In some cases, buying a new system may be your only solution, but there may be easy things you can do at home to boost efficiency. Check out these four easy ways to improve heating and air conditioning inside your home.

1. Install More Insulation in the Attic

Nearly every material used to craft your home has an R-Value. This value simply measures its insulating properties. Even drywall has insulating properties to protect you from the elements while inside your home. However, most building materials don't provide enough insulation alone, which is why extra insulation is added to your attic (and other areas of your home). You can check your insulation levels by checking the attic. They should sit well above the rafters. If not, you'll need to add more, and you likely don't have enough insulation in your walls or basement either.  

2. Insulate Your Windows

One area of your home that may offer terrible insulation is the windows. Energy efficient windows do an excellent job of blocking the transfer of heat in several ways, but they are expensive. Instead, consider alternative options, such as insulated drapes. Use them during the summer to prevent sunlight and heat from entering or use them in the winter to prevent drafts inside the home. You can low-E window covers for your windows. They block invisible light like UV rays without impacting the view.

3. Check Your Ductwork

Forced-air heating and cooling systems rely on a series of ducts throughout the home to deliver hot or cold air to different rooms. However, these ducts can become a huge problem if not well-maintained. First, your ducts should be insulated in non-temperature-controlled zones, such as the crawlspace to prevent air from cooling or heating. Second, they should be occasionally professionally cleaned to remove dust and debris, keeping the pathway open. Last, ducts are prone to develop gaps and holes, which can allow heated or cooled air to escape before reaching you.

4. Stop Closing Your Vents

Many homeowners assume it's energy efficient to close vents to unused rooms. However, this actually causes more problems. During winter, the room may become a vacuum, stealing any heated air it can from the rest of your home, creating drafts. During the summer, hot air will be sucked into the rest of your home in a reverse fashion, making the home too warm.

If you are ready to start saving money each month on your heating and cooling without buying a new system, try these four tips. They may be just what you need to finally save money. For more information about HVAC efficiency or maintenance, contact the best heating and air conditioning technician in your area today.

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