How To Get Your Toilet To Use Less Water

A toilet can use a lot of unnecessary water. Every flush can waste gallons of water, especially if you have an older toilet. You can do several things to help use less water. Here is a look at how.

What You Shouldn't Do About Toilet Water Waste

You may find some tips and tricks for helping you deal with toilet water waste. Don't believe everything you hear.

Don't use bricks - One well-known solution is to place a brick in your toilet tank. The brick can displace water in the tank so it holds less. Displacement can help you use less water, but doing it with a brick isn't something you should ever do.

Bricks and other porous stone material can break down in your tank. As the brick deteriorates, it will cause damage to your toilet and can even cause terrible clogging issues. Don't use bricks or anything hard in your toilet tank.

Don't ignore leaks – You can lose a lot of water because of toilet leaks. If you hear water running or trickling noises, you may have a toilet leak.

You can put a dye tablet or food coloring into your toilet tank. Wait about fifteen minutes. If you see coloring in the toilet water, you have a leak. Seek a professional commode repair service to help you fix the issue as soon as possible.

What You Can Do About Toilet Water Waste

Here is just a few of the things you can do to lower the amount of water your toilet wastes:

Practice proper water displacement – Instead of a brick, try using a plastic bottle or bag of water. Fill the plastic bottle halfway with sand or rocks. Fill the rest of it with water. Put it in the toilet tank away from any moving parts.

Alternatively, you can fill a small plastic bag with water and clip it to the edge of the inside of the tank. You can also find many commercial products that exist specifically for water displacement.

Maintain your toilet's components – All the parts inside your toilet tank suffer wear and tear. You can find replacement parts and install them with little hassle. For example, the flapper valve and filler valve in the tank can greatly affect the amount of water in the tank. If they're in disrepair then you should swap them.

Change the water level – You can change how much the toilet tanks fills by adjusting the water level. How you adjust the water level will depend on the type of adjustment mechanism you have in your toilet.

What You Should Do About Toilet Water Waste

If you have the means, you can find value in upgrading to a low-flow or high-efficiency toilet. Before you do anything, you should speak to a professional. Messing around with your toilet's mechanisms can help, but you need to know if you have an underlying issue. 

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