Creative Ways To Conceal Your A/C Unit

You love having central air conditioning inside your house, but you don't love the unattractive A/C unit outside your home. The outdoor A/C unit is a necessary appliance, but that doesn't mean you have to see it every time you're in your yard. These creative ideas for concealing your A/C unit are simple to implement and will make a big difference in the aesthetics of your outdoor space. As long as you leave enough space around the unit for accessibility by the air conditioning repairman, you won't run into problems with the following ideas.

1. Plant Mature Shrubbery

You can accomplish two yard improvements by planting mature shrubbery around your outdoor A/C unit. The shrubbery will enhance your yard's landscaping while it simultaneously hides the giant air conditioning unit.

Suitable shrubbery choices that provides consistent and uniform coverage include boxwood hedges, such as Hicksii Yew. Mature shrubbery will cost a lot more than younger plants, but you'll avoid waiting years for the shrubbery to grow. Your local nursery will be able to provide delivery and planting services. Be sure to supervise the digging process so that no wiring or conduits are damaged that run from the unit to your house.

2. Install Lattice Fencing

Lattice fencing is a simple solution to conceal your A/C unit. Lattice fencing panels also satisfy the need for your A/C unit to have plenty of air circulation around it. If you dislike being able to see through portions of the lattice, you can either weave faux vines through the lattice, or plant fast growing vines at the base of the panel.

You can purchase lattice fence panels from major hardware stores in a variety of materials including vinyl and wood. You can also customize the look of your lattice fencing by either purchasing it in a color of your choice or painting it at home.

3. Make a Vertical Garden

A vertical garden placed in front of your outdoor air conditioning unit will disguise it even though you're actually drawing attention to the area. This attractive outdoor feature can be used to grow flowers or even some vegetables and herbs.

Pre-made vertical gardens can be purchased online and in big box hardware stores. You'll be able to pick up relatively mature plantings for your vertical garden at most plant nurseries or many hardware stores.

Whichever option you decide on for concealing your outdoor air conditioning unit, remember to leave enough space around it so the AC repair professional can easily access the unit. 

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