3 Tips For Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System To Reduce Allergens In Your Home

When allergens and dust accumulate within your home, these particles can be circulated throughout your house via your air conditioning and heating system. Maintaining and cleaning your air system frequently can help reduce the allergens that travel around your home. The following three tips can help you get a head start on dust buildup and help you reduce any allergens that might be roaming around.

Keep an eye on your furnace filters.

The filters of your air conditioning and heating system are where most allergens, dust, and microscopic particles will get trapped before making their way into the air circulating inside your home. Check your furnace filter often to make sure it's clean and not full of dust and debris. Doing so can help you stay on top of allergen buildup.

To further reduce allergen buildup, change the filter every three months or so, and opt for a quality brand of filter that has a high MERV rating for trapping allergens and other particulate matter.

Keep your registers and return vents clean.

The registers and return vents of your heating and cooling system are where the air is collected and returned to circulate back into your home. If weekly dusting is already on your list of household chores, go ahead and add your air vents to the list of surfaces to dust.

A damp dusting cloth is more than adequate, so long as it is damp enough that you won't stir up dust particles--and inherent dust mites--when you wipe your vents clean.

Keep debris away from both the outside and inside units.

Your outside unit should be clear of dirt, leaves, and other debris that can, from time to time, get into and around the unit. Check up on your outside unit frequently, especially during the fall or active allergy seasons.

Your inside unit needs attention, too. Periodically vacuum and dust the parts of your inside unit, making sure to clean the area surrounding the inside system as well. This cleaning process will help reduce allergens that would otherwise be circulated into your home.

You only need to give a little tender-loving-care to your air conditioning system to help keep allergens and dust at bay. For larger maintenance check ups, and to find the best filters for your system, contact a local air conditioning service, and they'll be sure to help you find all you need to keep your home happy and allergen-free.

For more information, contact Enright and Sons or a similar company.

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