Using Your Senses To Determine Whether Or Not You Have AC Problems

By learning how to use 4 of your 5 senses to catch possible problems with your air conditioner, you will increase your chances of finding small problems in time to prevent them from becoming big problems. Follow the tips below to spot trouble with your unit:

Seeing evidence of a problem with your air conditioner

You want to watch for problems with your unit. Some things to keep an eye out for is mold developing on the walls near a window AC or mold coming from vents. If you find any mold it will need to be taken care of immediately. Mold can cause respiratory problems and other health concerns.

Smelling evidence of a problem

You may not always be able to see mold, but you can often smell it. If you smell the musty, thick smell of mold and you can't find any signs of it around your house, it may be up in the ducts of your air conditioning system. Have someone come out right away to find the mold and remove it.

If you notice a rotting smell coming from your AC, you may have a small rodent dead in the ducting. The smell can linger for a long time if you don't have someone come out to remove the animal.

A burning smell coming from your AC can indicate that the motor is burning out. You want to have an HVAC technician come out to look at the motor before the unit goes out completely.

Hearing a problem with your air conditioner

While your AC will make normal sounds as it kicks on, there are some noises you don't want to hear it make.

A thumping or banging sound may mean there are loose parts in the motor area and this can be very problematic. You need to have the loose parts secured so they don't cause damage to the system.

A buzzing sound may mean the unit has a failing crank shaft in the motor or it has a malfunctioning refrigerant metering device.

Feeling a problem with your AC

Each room should be properly cooled by the air conditioning system when the unit kicks on.

If you notice any rooms feel as if they aren't cooling as well as the others, the register may be closed. You want to open it so it allows the system to work without building up too much pressure. Uneven cooling can also be a sign of a block somewhere in the ducts or a leak in the system.

By paying attention to our AC, you can catch potential problems quickly and have any issues taken care of before they lead to more serious repairs. Click here for more information on air conditioner repair.

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