The Benefits Of Converting From An Oil Furnace To A Natural Gas Furnace

There are many benefits that come along with choosing to convert your home heating system from an oil burning furnace to a natural gas furnace. Below you will learn more about these benefits so that you can decide for yourself whether or not making this switch is right for you and your home.

Benefit #1: Save Money On Heating Costs

Natural gas has historically remained far more affordable than heating oil. In fact, since 2002, natural gas has proven to be 30-50% cheaper each year than home heating oil. What this means for you is the ability to save a considerable amount of money on your heating bills each month. So while you may make a rather significant investment when converting from oil to gas, you can expect that your new gas furnace will pay for itself in the way of lower heating costs in just a matter of a few short years.

Benefit #2: Enjoy A Convenient Delivery System

Home heating oil must be delivered to your home in bulk and stored in an oil tank on your property. Not only does this mean the need to store a large amount of oil, but it also means the need to constantly be aware of just how much oil you have left so that you can schedule another delivery before you run out and find yourself without any heat.

With a natural gas furnace, the fuel you need is delivered directly to your home through a series of underground pipes. This allows you to only purchase the amount of fuel that you actually need and avoid the need for storing potentially dangerous fuels on your property. This type of delivery system will also eliminate the need to call for fuel deliveries. Instead, you will be able to count on the fuel you need to be automatically delivered each time you turn your heating system on.

Benefit #3: Qualify For Tax Credits

Natural gas furnaces are far more efficient than oil burning models and are therefore considered the more environmentally friendly option. In an effort to try and encourage homeowners to make the switch from oil to natural gas, the federal and state governments routinely offer tax credits and grant programs to individuals who choose to take on this project and ultimately make their home more energy efficient. Taking advantage of these tax credits can help to offset the cost of installing your new heating system.

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