Common Myths And Misconceptions Concerning The Ductless Heat System

If you are in the process of making a change to your heating system, it is highly likely you will come across a ductless system at some point when you are shopping for a new unit. Your first inclination may be to skip over a ductless system entirely because of a few general misconceptions. The ductless system is perfect for a lot of homeowners who plan to install a new heat system, but many may never know it because of the following misconceptions associated.

Misconception: Ductless systems are only good for small spaces, such as apartments.

Fact: Ductless heat systems are often used in apartment buildings because of the fact that they are easy to install without a lot of additional components other than the unit itself. This has little to do with the size of the space to be heated and more to do with the convenience of installation and efficiency. If you have a large home, you can still obtain a ductless heat system that will work well for the space you have. Just as with other heating units, there are different sizes available for different areas.

Misconception: Heating systems without ducts do not do as good of a job distributing heat evenly.

Fact: Ductless heat systems use a form of radiant heating to distribute warmed air through your home. You may not actually feel that that is forced air coming through the ventilation of the system, but you will know that the space is warm. Further, even though it is a common misconception that ductless systems do not have any form of heat distribution implemented, larger units can and often do, which means a home can be evenly heated regardless of the floor space.

Misconception: Ductless systems are no good for existing structures.

Fact: In fact, the opposite of this assumption is the truth. Ductless systems are perfect for existing structures because they will not require the extensive amount of wiring and duct installation as traditional heat systems. Many contractors recommend a ductless system when people want to install a new heating system in a home that has been around for a while and may not have the space to cater to a larger unit.

When it comes down to it and you know the facts, it is easy to see why the ductless heating system is a perfect solution for many types of homes, both large and small. Talk to a heating contractor like one from Scott's Heating & Air Conditioning Services about all of your options, and make sure that the ductless heat system is one of those you discuss. 

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